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Here you can Breathe the air, eat the berries and drink the water in the babbling brooks. The purity wich is the hallmark of the land is almost nonexistent elsewhere. Return to nature.

On the very brink of the Artic ocean, in the land crowded by the midnight sun and the northern lights lies the lan of the eight seasons. So called on account of its eight distinct seasons, each one bringing with it its own range of qualities and ventures, the kingdom of eight seasons is set against a magnificent backdrop of barren wilderness. Here you´ll find exiting adventure, peaceful tranquillity, diverse Culture, and perhaps even the meaning of Life itself.


Vittangi Turism AB

Centralvägen 7, SE-980 10 Vittangi, Sweden

Cellphone: +46 70 679 73 50 / +46 70 680 90 42